today, september 23rd, is Bi Visibility Day!! being a chaotic bi myself, i’m always here to celebrate some fellow bis.

while the number of queer books out there is so few compared to straight ones, we’ve still come a long way the last few years. and while the number of bi books out of those queer ones isn’t a huge percentage, there are still so many i adore. today i wanted to tell you about some of my favourite books featuring major characters who are bi. this list is not in any order because i can never bring myself to actually pick favourites out of anything, but i’ve narrowed it down to my top five.

i’m not including any books taking part in the bury your gays (or bis) trope, meaning it kills off their one non-straight characters. books with a star (*) uses the term bisexual on-page, while books without it don’t. note that some of these it’s been quite a while since i read, so i could be mistaken and remember wrong.

not your sidekick* by c. b. lee – this is the first book in the sidekick squad series, and features vietnamese and chinese american, bisexual jessica tran. it is a superhero story with a wlw romance, and i can’t wait to read the companion novel/sequel.

the seafarer’s kiss by julia ember – i adored this book. it’s a little mermaid retelling inspired by norse mythology, where the main character is a fat bisexual mermaid. the companion/sequel, the navigator’s touch, came out last week and is the next book i’m planning to pick up.

ramona blue by julie murphy – this is a contemporary ya with a main character who used to think she was a lesbian but then starts questioning her sexuality. she is confirmed bi by the author, but during the book she never gets to the point of fully realising this (from what i remember). it’s great questioning rep, and the only i’ve ever read.

the brightsiders* by jen wilde – this book has not a straight character in sight (this might be an over exaggeration, but i’ll just brush right past that). the main character is a proud bisexual girl, who’s part of a famous band. the book is a lot about found family and fame, and is so delightful.

the trials of apollo by rick riordan – i absolutely love riordan’s books, and i love how they’ve become more and more inclusive over the years. the trials of apollo features bisexual disaster and former god of music and the sun (among other things) apollo. i still haven’t read the latest book in the series, but i trust that he’s just as bi as ever in it.

what are some of your favourite books featuring bi main characters? there are a bunch others i considered adding to this list, like not otherwise specified by hannah moskowitz and six of crows by leigh bardugo, but ultimately they didn’t make the cut.

i also feel like i haven’t read enough own voices and smaller, independent books with queer characters in general, so if you have any recommendations (or if you’ve written one!!) i’m always open to suggestions.

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