a little while back i got this idea that i should do a post about some of the books that have been on my tbr the longest, and then i saw Down The TBR Hole meme going around. first thing i thought was something along the lines of ”wow!! what a coincidence!! that was my idea too!!”. now that i’ve thought more about it i’m pretty sure i must’ve seen people doing that meme and just filed it away in my unconscious, and then forgotten and thought i invented it.

if you’re not already aware what Down The TBR Hole entails, this it:

  • go to your goodreads tbr
  • sort it after the added date, with the oldest books first
  • pick out the 5-10 books you’ve had on your tbr the longest
  • go through them and decide if they should stay or go

now, i made a new goodreads account (psst, add me) in january but never really bothered to go through the tbr from my old account and add the books to the new one, so i’m going to take this as a chance to go through it in chunks and pick out the books to move over to my newer and more up to date list. makes sense? i hope so, because here are the ten books i’ve had on my tbr the longest:

  1. tyger tyger by kersten hamilton
  2. the iron witch by karen mahoney
  3. five flavors of dumb by antony john
  4. the false princess by eilis o’neal
  5. a great and terrible beauty by libba bray
  6. shatter me by tahere mafi
  7. awaken by katie kacvinsky
  8. city of a thousand dolls by miriam forster
  9. ash by malinda lo
  10. adaptation by malinda lo

i’m not going to go through them all individually with a paragraph each because i feel i would become very repetitive, and a lot of my decision making was honestly based on my gut feelings and wanting to cut down as much as possible. as you can see i only decided to keep four out of ten books. i do want to quickly go through why i decided to skip the six books that i did. please keep in mind that because i want to keep as few books as possible so my tbr stays as small as possible, i sometimes decided to skip a book for very arbitrary reasons.

i cut tyger tyger and the iron witch for very similar reasons – on top of not being that interested in them anymore they used the words cr*zy and f*eak individually in the synopsises. i don’t have time for books that just throw those words around like it’s nothing. i decided to skip the false princess simply because i didn’t feel interested enough in it to keep it anymore, and the same goes for city of a thousand dolls (and honestly, all of them). a great and terrible beauty was the one i considered the most, but ultimately it just didn’t make the cut either. and finally, i skipped awaken because i’m so sick of things revolving around computers and the internet and digital media being terrible. every time i see one of those think pieces about how millennials are getting ruined by technology i roll my eyes so hard i can see my brain cells dying. i realise the author probably didn’t mean it that way, but i just can’t help associating it with that.

so those are the first ten book, out of almost 300! the plan is to just keep going, and to keep as few books as possible. wish me luck (both with the cutting of books and with continuing these posts lol).

until next time!

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