hey everyone! we’re a little more than halfway through the month, which means halfway through #mythothon. i’m about a week late tho, but just roll with it haha.

so, how have i done so far? well, i’ve finished three out of my five prompt goal. when i wrote my tbr i hadn’t decided which row of the bingo board to try to complete, but i ended up going with the farthest left vertical one. these are the prompts and books i had to complete:

  • Zeus. King of the Gods. God of the Sky. Read a book at least 400 pages long
  • Aphrodite. Goddess of Love and Beauty. Read a book with a beautiful cover
  • Dionysus. God of Wine. Celebrate this year by reading a 2018 release
  • Ares. God of War. Read a book with a compelling antagonist or a written from the villain’s POV.
  • Athena. Goddess of Wisdom, Strategy and Crafts. Read a book that’s not the first in the series.

i ended up switching out the night masquerade and ruin of stars for shipwreck and the hidden witch. the first one because i had to read it for my job, and the second one because i have been waiting for it for so long and just really wanted to read it the second i got it.

i made a very simple reading tracker in google sheets to help me track my reading process (obviously lmao). this is the main part of it, and here you can see that i’ve completed for a muse of fire, shipwreck, and the hidden witch. i’ve also not started the black god’s drums yet, and have read 193 pages of wildcard.

the checkmark appears automatically when the number in read or listened is the same as the total amount of pages or minutes, and there are other parts that calculates how many pages and minutes total i have read and listened to and have left, and my daily goal to keep on track. it’s not perfect, but i’m trying to get improve my sheets skills and these kinds of things are great for that.

so yeah, that’s about it for now. i’m really enjoying myself. i’m a little more than halfway through wildcard and i’m absolutely hooked! i read pretty slow tho, so i’m hoping to finish it within the next few days or during the weekend at the latest. the black god’s drums then shouldn’t take too long, so i might have time to squeeze in an extra book and pass my goal! it would be really cool if i manage that, as it would be the first time i pass my readathon goal instead of not even finishing it haha.

if you’re doing #mythothon as well, let me know how you’re doing! i’ll be back with either a review of wildcard or a tag in a few days hopefully, so i’ll see you then!

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