i have a sort of love/hate relationship with readathons – on the one hand i love feeling like i’m participating and being part of the community, and they help me actually read my books instead of just looking at them and saying i’m gonna read. it’s no secret that i’ve been in a slump for all of 2018, and the times i’ve read more than one book a month is when i’ve done readathons. on the other hand, the combination of having a full time job, a low attention span, and being a slow reader, makes it impossible for me to read as much as most others. most of the time i barely finish a readathon, and i always end up stressing about it. i do think the good outweighs the bad, tho. i just have to make sure to take breaks in between the readathons and learn that it’s okay if i don’t meet all the goals.

this, and my vow to get through as many of my already owned books as i can, has compelled me to sign up for the 2019 beat the backlist challenge. you probably already know it, but in case you don’t: it’s a yearly, year long, challenge where you set your own goals and decide your own pace, and you read books published the year before or earlier. now, it’s not a rule that you have to have already owned the books you read, but i’m putting that down as a personal guide line. it’s hosted by austine, over at novelknight.

i’ve decided on a list of 12 books i already own, published in 2018 and earlier, that i want to read. i figure that i should be able to do a book a month, even if i end up having a really shit reading year (lol). these 12 might change slightly as we get further into 2019, but hopefully (probably) i’ll end up reading more than 12 of my backlist books. some of these i’ve had on my shelves for years, and some only for a few months, but in 2019 i will finally get to them!!

i’m still trying to decide how to do this challenge here on annotated paperbacks. at the moment i think i’ll do monthly check-ins, but that might change. i’m also interested in participating in the weekly photo challenge, so i might resurrect my bookstagram account for that. we’ll see. i’m definitely joining the hogwarts house mini challenge, tho! i’m a proud slytherin, and helping my house win the cup will hopefully help motivate me!

are any of you participation in beat the backlist 2019? if so, what book have you had on your tbr the longest, that you can’t wait to get to?

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