i can’t believe 2018 is nearly over! this has been such a strange year – it’s felt really really long (like, i saw a tweet mentioning that black panther came out this year?? and we had an olympics?? this year?? sounds fake but okay), but i also feel like it flew by. i did so many things this year, but unfortunately didn’t read as many books, and i thought i’d talk some about it.


the biggest thing i did in 2018 was my two week trip to the us. first i went to california and attended a-camp, which is something i’ve wanted to do for years. after that i spent a week on maui. i was so nervous about this trip, because i did it on my own and previous to it i’d never left the country without any of my family. i’m really happy i did it, though.

another, way smaller, trip i did was a weekend one to copenhagen with my parents and youngest brother. i attended comic con copenhagen and met richard harmon, which was lots of fun. (i wouldn’t recommend going to a comic con in scandinavia if it’s a big commitment, tho. the organisers are shit and there’s about .5 comics.)

i walked in my first ever pride parade, and when i googled my twitter handle i found out an old tweet of mine was used in a book called misogynation: the tru scale of sexism. that’s just wild.

i went to a total of 13 live shows, 11 of which were concerts. i could go on and on about how much i love live music, but this is a book blog and i already feel like i’ve been on about my personal life too much. the highlight were

  • finally seeing khalid again (he is an actual sun, and seeing him perform live makes me so happy)
  • greta van fleet
  • 5 second of summer (all previous times i’ve seen then they were playing stadiums, but this time it it was a smaller venue and while that’s like lol sorry boys, i like it way more)
  • hozier (his voice and band – holy shit 10/10 would see again)
  • the hives
  • urban cone (this was just a week ago and it was their last ever concert before parting ways. they were incredible, but it was so sad)


of course, i started this blog in 2018. i guess that’s my biggest book related thing that happened this year. my attitude towards reading has also kind of shifted this year, which i’m really grateful for. i used to be very focused on how many books i finish and reaching a certain goal, but i’ve just realised that it’s fine if i only read one book one month. i don’t want to force myself to read, because then i’ll just stop enjoying it.

now, i know the year isn’t over, and i still have a few days to finish another book or two, but as of today, december 26th, i’ve read 42 books, 9333 pages. that includes graphic novels and comic collections. my initial goal was 60, but as i said i’ve simply stopped caring about that. i’m not going to set a goal for 2019.

i was going to make a list of my top 5 reads of the year, but i just couldn’t narrow it don’t to only five, so here are my top 8 reads (in the order i read them) instead:

QUEENS OF GEEK by jen wilde

this was the first book i read this year, and the first jen wilde book i read. i loved it so much, and it was really nice to start the year off with a nice contemporary that just made me feel all warm inside.


i’d been waiting for this graphic novel for. so. long. i don’t even remember when, but i saw some early art from it on tumblr what must be at least two years ago now. i’m pretty sure it didn’t even have a release year when i put it on my goodreads tbr.

BINTI by nnedi okorafor

binti is one of those books that i feel like people have been saying is incredible ever since i was born, so i don’t really understand how it can have come out only three years ago?? regardless, it truly is that good. this is also the one that got me interested in reading more novellas.

THE POET X by elizabeth acevedo

i listened to the audiobook of the poet x, and it’s narrated by elizabeth acevedo. she is hands down one of the best narrators i’ve ever heard, and next time i want to pick up an audiobook but i don’t know which one i’m definitely trying out something else she’s read.

I WAS BORN FOR THIS by alice oseman

i adore alice oseman’s other two books, and her webcomic, so this was a book i was looking forward to a great deal. it did not disappoint, and is now probably my favourite of the things she’s written. i considered taking this one or queens of geek off the list, because i thought having two contemporaries about fame and fandom might be too much, but it’s honestly a topic i think is so interesting and the two books are vastly different from each other.

A BLADE SO BLACK by l. l. mckinney

the pitch of a blade so black i first saw was something along the lines of “a modern day alice in wonderland retelling with buffy vibes and a black alice”. i’ve never hit the to read button on goodreads that fast. i loved the book, it’s a strong debut, and i can’t wait for the sequel. it also has one of the best covers on this list, imo.

WILDCARD by marie lu

i was late to the marie lu game and only read my first book of hers about a year ago, which was warcross. it was absolutely fantastic, and the ending literally left me speechless. i was a bit nervous wildcard wouldn’t meet my expectations, but it 100% did. i’m so happy with how it wrapped the story up.

THE BLACK GOD’S DRUMS by p. djèlí clark

the black god’s drums blew me away. i was drawn to it because of the beautiful cover, and because i’ve just started getting into reading novellas (after i read binti, as i said previously). this is the one book on the list i “discovered” on my own when i was browsing my favourite book shop and decided to read without seeing anyone online talk about it. it’s an incredibly captivation story, and i’m so impressed that the author could fit it all into only 100 pages.

i used to only read ya, and 9 of 10 of those ya books were fantasy, or sometimes sci-fi. gradually i’ve started reading more contemporary and some adult novellas, and i’m now starting to try out romance too. i’m currently reading soft on soft: #fatgirlsinlove by em ali and merry inkmas by talia hibbert. i’m actually pretty proud of myself and happy that i’m at a point where i’m willing to try romance, and i’m finding myself really linking it. only a few years ago i was so full of internalised misogyny that i would’ve scoffed at anyone reading romance, as if it wasn’t a valid and really popular genre. i’ve developed so much as a reader this year, and i’m excited to continue in 2019.

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