many moons ago (or, you know, four months ago) i made a post that was a spin on the down the tbr hole meme, which was going around a lot back then. what i wanted to achieve with it was to make my tbr – at least my tbr of books i don’t actually own yet – smaller.

i had just made a new goodreads account, and decided to go through the tbr of my old one, book for book, and decide if i should add it on my new account or let it go. i chose the 10 books that had been on my virtual shelf the longest and got to work. now it’s time for another session, so here are the next 10 books:

  1. tithe: a modern fairy tale by holly black
  2. angelfall by susan ee
  3. cleopatra’s moon by vicky alvear shecter
  4. the darkest minds by alexandra bracken
  5. ultraviolet by r. j. anderson
  6. mind games by kiersten white
  7. sappho’s fables, volume 1: three lesbian fairy tale novellas by elora bishop and jennifer diemer
  8. rouge by isabella modra
  9. sisters red by jackson pearce
  10. under a painted sky by stacey lee

so……. i think i did pretty good this time, considering my goal is to make my tbr smaller lmao. the only book i decided to add to my tbr on my new goodreads account is under a painted sky, and that’s because some people i trust a lot really like this book. the overarching reason i decided to let the other nine books go is mainly that i’m just not very interested in them anymore. i’m a different reader now, compared to when i first shelved these books.

have you read any of these books? do you agree with my decisions, or do you think i’ve made a mistake?

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