as y’all probably (hopefully) know, february is black history month. to celebrate, i am writing a two-part post about my top books by black creators that i have read, and that i want to read. the publishing world is so predominantly white, and i want to encourage you to read more books not only about black characters, but ones that are written by black authors. a crucial note is, tho, that you should never only support people of a marginalised group during their month, week, or day, but take the time to do it all year round. make sure to read black books not only in february, but in any other month too. to give some recommendations, here is a list of my top 5 books by black authors:

THE BLACK GOD’S DRUMS by p. djèlí clark

this was hands down one of the best books i read in 2018. it’s one of the few books i picked up on my own when i saw it in the store, without having seen anyone talk about it online. what drew me in was the beautiful cover. it’s an afro-futuristic historical sci-fi, about a 13-year old homeless girl who has the african goddess oya inside her. it’s a novella, just over 100 pages, but somehow clark managed to fit a huge story into that small space.

THE HATE U GIVE by angie thomas

this is an incredible book, inspired by the black lives matter movement. it follows starr, who is the only witness to her friends murder by a white police officer, and her journey dealing with the loss, getting involved with the movement, and balancing her life at her white school. by this point almost everyone must have read this, but it you haven’t, do it. it’s an incredible book.

MILES MORALES by jason reynolds

miles morales is a marvel superhero, who took over as spider-man after peter parker died in battle. this is his first (and so far, only) novel. i’ve made it no secret that i love comic books, and that miles morales is my favourite super hero, so i was over the moon when this book was published. it focuses more on miles, and not spider-man, and gives us a look at miles’ life at home, in school, and his civilian friends. it’s a great jumping on point if you haven’t read the comics (maybe you loved into the spider-verse and want to consume more miles content?), and if you have read the comics it’s an amazing addition to learn more about miles.

MERRY INKMAS by talia hibbert

merry inkmas is the only talia hibbert book i’ve read so far, but i loved it and will definitely read more in the future. it is an adult romance between undergrad bailey cooper and tattoo artist cash evans, set during christmas. i haven’t read a lot of romance, but i’d been interested in trying it and this book had me sold on the genre as a whole.

THE POET X by elizabeth acevedo

the poet x is a beautiful book, written in verse, about xiomara, who struggles to juggle her own wants with the expectations put on her by her very religious mother and the treatment she gets by the world around her. she writes all her feelings in her journals in the form of slam poetry, and i’d highly recommend picking up the audiobook so you get to hear acevedo perform them.

i’d also like to shout out a brand new book subscription box, which i found out about only a few hours ago. twitter can be a hellsite, but i’m so grateful for all the amazing things i’ve found out about because of it. the book subscription box is called margins box, and they just launched a kickstarter to get it off the ground. it’s a service that will focus on getting books by indigenous peoples and people of colour into the hands of readers, run by cara and adrianne. the big book boxes are incredibly white, so this is something i’d really like to see succeed. this is the link to their kickstarter. if you’re in a position where you can help out, i’d highly recommend you do so. i can’t wait to get my box from them!

so that is it for today. part 2 of this will feature books that are on my tbr, and will be posted later in the month. i also have some exciting posts going up in march, so look forward to that. until next time!

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