black history month is coming to an end, and i hope it was a good one for everyone!

i started the month off by listing some of my favourite books by black authors, and i want to end it by celebrating and shouting out some upcoming ones i can’t wait to read. initially i planned on picking out five books but in the end i couldn’t narrow it down, so without further ado, here are six upcoming releases, written by black authors, i’m dying to get my hands on:

A DREAM SO DARK by l. l. mckinney

i read and loved a blade so black in 2018, and a dream so dark is its sequel. it’s a modern day retelling of alice in wonderland, where alice is a teenager who goes through portals to wonderland and fights monsters created by fear.
A DREAM SO DARK comes out september 24th 2019.

THE BLACK VEINS by ashia monet

this books was actually officially announced only a few weeks ago, but i’d been dying for it for quite a while before that. i’m mutuals with the author, ashia monet, on twitter, and have gotten to know the dead magic series through aesthetics and twitter threads under the hashtag #guardiansWIP. it’s an urban fantasy series with magic, a road trip, found family, and so many more things i love.
THE BLACK VEINS comes out july 17th 2019.

THE DEEP by rivers solomon

the deep is a fantasy/science fiction type of book, based on the song by the same name by hip hop group clipping.. i adore clipping. and definitely thing the the deep is one of their best songs, so when i found out about this book i was over the moon. it follows a descendant of the african slave women who were thrown over board by their slave owners, as she flees her life under sea and goes to the surface.
THE DEEP comes out june 4th 2019.

FULL DISCLOSURE by camryn garrett

full disclosure is a ya contemporary dealing with a topic i’ve never encountered in ya before, hiv. the main character is hiv positive, and it follows her after she moves to a new school for a fresh start. she falls in love and navigates her life and love while trying to prevent her diagnosis from becoming common knowledge.
FULL DISCLOSURE comes out october 29th 2019.

KINGDOM OF SOULS by rena barron

this is a fantasy book set in a world inspired by west africa, and the main character is from a family of powerful whitchdoctors. the problem is, tho, that she can’t do magic at all. when her world is threatened by the demon king she has to go to lengths to access and master her magic.
KINGDOM OF SOULS comes out september 10th 2019.

LET ME HEAR A RHYME by tiffany d. jackson

i live for black authors writing about black teenagers navigating the word through hip hop and rap, so i’m barely surviving the wait until i get to read this book. it follows quadir, jarrell, and jasmine, as they use their killed friends finished tracks and make him famous after death under the rap name the architect.
LET ME HEAR A RHYME comes out may 21st 2019.

so those are some upcoming books i can’t wait to read. there are also many books by black authors that has already come out that i’m excited to read, but i wanted to focus on ones not yet released. if any of these sound interesting, please add them on goodreads and consider pre-ordering.

until next time!

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