hey y’all!!

today i am bringing you a post that is a little late, but better late than never right?

as you might recall from february, in my top 5 books by black authors post i mentioned marginsbox, a new book box subscription service with a focus on young adult books by authors of colour and indigenous authors. back then they were still running their kickstarter to get the project up and running, but they have since been fully backed and have just shipped out their second box to everyone who ordered it.

i was thrilled to receive the first box earlier this month and am currently waiting for the second one, which i have been informed has been shipped. because international shipping takes A While i got my box quite a bit later than everyone in the us, so the contents have already been revealed by a lot of people, but i really want to emphasise how great and important these boxes are so i will be doing unboxings anyway. i will be getting to first three boxes.

firstly, this is what the box itself looks like, and i just !! god! isn’t it cute?! it’s got text on all sides, but i only took a photo of one of the sides. the other sides say ”read inside the margins”, ”marginsbox.com”, and ”brag and tag us! @marginsbox #marginsbox”.

opening it up, there’s a ”see ya next month!” sticker on the lid, and the first thing we see is a print of the clue that was released prior to shipping, with the contents on the back of it. can you guess the book?

now, i didn’t take photos of each individual item as i took them out of the box, i just have a photo of all the content laid out. hindsight is 20/20 lol.

i had already been spoiled on what was the featured book in this box, but i’m honestly not mad about it. it was a book i’d been VERY seriously been considering buying, so it was probably good that i found out. it came in a really pretty bag, printed with the marginsbox logo and some on theme fruit, and a note from the author.

so what else was in the box?

  1. the hint, illustrated by sharon, with the contents on the back
  2. a beautiful (and gay!!) art print called contigo en la distancia, by isa
  3. two marginsbox stickers
  4. some lovely smelling wax melts with a scent of orange and vanilla, from ten three labs
  5. a set of two pencils that say the stars and beyond on them
  6. an enamel pin with three citrus fruits on it (i don’t know for sure what ones it’s supposed to be, but in my heart it’s a lime, a grapefruit, and an orange), from thread bound studio
  7. an adorable little item case shaped like a macaron
  8. a pencil case with green/blue and black mermaid sequins

i’ve been wanting to read with the fire on high since the second i heard about it back when the cover was revealed. i loved elizabeth acevedo’s the poet x, and i’ve only heard amazing things about this one. i’m so happy with the choice of book for this first box – and the quality of the contents and the box itself blew me away?! it’s not that i had low expectations, but this is the first box, you know?

if you want to get in on this, you can head over to the marginsbox website. judging by this first box, i’d highly recommend you get on if you have the means. i can’t wait to receive my june box, and be on the lookout for my unboxing when i do!

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