hey friends!

today is august 1st. yesterday i was looking in my calendar to see what arcs with upcoming release dates i have yet to read, and i realised… i definitely have enough to fill the month, which means i can join #ARCaugust!

you can find the original #ARCaugust 2019 introduction post here, over at read sleep repeat. the gist of it is that you dedicate the month of august to only reading arcs. they can be digital of physical, already released or upcoming, it doesn’t matter as long as they are arcs. i have four arcs that are on my high priority list, and then a few additional ones for if i have time. here is my list:

GREASE BATS by archie bongiovanni (september 2019, boom! studios)

KINGDOM OF SOULS by rena barron (september 2019, harpervoyager)

FAIRLADY by brian schirmer, shari chankhamma, claudia balboni, and marissa louise (september 2019, image comics)

HOW TO BE REMY CAMERON by julian winters (september 2019, duet)

BRIGHT DECAY by aurelia wong (september 2019, portalsmith press)

i’m already about halfway through grease bats, and i think fairlady will be quick as well, since the two of them are graphic novels. therefore i have a few more quick reads that i can read in between the books if i need a change, but that aren’t a priority to finish in august. those extras are:

THE TEA DRAGON FESTIVAL by katie o’neill (september 2019, oni press)

MOONCAKES by suzanne walker and wendy xu (october 2019, lion forge)

TO DRINK COFFEE WITH A GHOST by amanda lovelace (september 2019, andrews mcmeel publishing)

are any of y’all doing #ARCaugust? this is my first time participating, and i’m excited to be able to move some of these from my ”to read” to my ”read” lists on goodreads. and if we’re being honest, my netgalley ratio is atrocious and really needs this lmao!

if you’re participating, link me your tbrs so i can check them out as well!

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