hey y’all!

now that we’ve been getting closer to the new year, i’ve spent more and more time thinking about what i want 2020 to be like for me in regards to reading. i don’t have a detailed list of goals, i never do, but over the past few months the size of my physical tbr has started weighing on me. i’d been planning on being more tough on myself and make sure i read the books i already own, and buying fewer new ones.

then, like a miracle sent from heaven, along came cw with her year long readathon #StartOnYourShelfathon. needless to say, i’m happy to not be the only one drowning in unread books.

#startonyourshelfathon runs from today, december 18th 2019, until december 31st 2020. the goal is to read as many of the books you already own as you can. there aren’t any set rules for how many you should read – cw stresses that your goals are entirely up to you, you decide how big of a thing this is. personally, i’m a pretty slow reader and i’ve read 50-60 books (including graphic novels) per year the last few years. this is only half of the unread books i own at the moment, and that’s not counting the graphic novels. yikes.

i don’t want to push myself too much, but i also do want to make my tbr smaller. therefore i’ve decided on 24 books and 24 graphic novels, putting me at a total of 48 reads. i’m going to participate in the sea of ink and gold readathon, and i also have three buddy reads i’m doing with my friend laura, so that makes six books i am definitely reading. other than those, my lists might change over the course of the year. for now though, i want to read these in 2020:


graphic novels/mangas

not included in these photos are VENGEANCE ROAD by erin bowman, and TINY PRETTY THINGS by sona charaiporta and dhonielle clayton, which i have on my kindle but not in physical form.

taking out all of these books and arranging them into groups for photos REALLY made me feel like there’s a million of them lmao. i know reading 48 books in a year isn’t a lot to many people, and hopefully i’ll read more than these too, but i think it’s important to remember that numbers don’t actually matter and you’re doing good no matter how many books you read.

are you doing #startonyourshelfathon? i’d love to so y’all’s tbrs if you have set ones!

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