my name is elin. i’m 23 years old and live in sweden. my pronouns are she/her. i work in a comic shop and commute about two hours to and from my job every day. this is when i do most of my reading.

i’ve been around in the online book community for a few years now, but mostly i stay on the side lines. i’m on twitter, instagramtumblr, and goodreads. i’ve also had a few book blogs before, but i have a tendency to put more pressure on myself than is needed and think i have to be Very Professional on My Blog and therefore i lose interest. this time around i’m aiming to be more relaxed (for example, typing any way i like and ignoring proper capitalisation, like the true millennial internet gremlin i am) and just take things as they come. i’m hoping to enjoy blogging more that way.

this blog is a mix of books and comics, so if that’s something you’re into i hope you stick around!