so, i considered being real petty and wait to post this until july 29th, when stockholm pride starts, because we don’t celebrate pride in june here in sweden. in the end, i decided that i want to join in the celebrations this month anyway, and then i’ll get another week of it in late july/early august. pride month has become such a global thing anyway, and people from all over the world participate.

i want to take this time to life up some of my favourite books (and comics, and graphic novels) with queer main characters. if you haven’t read these, i highly encourage you do put them on you tbr!


written by james tynion iv and drawn by rian sygh, the backstagers is a lovely all ages comic book about a group of boys who work backstage at their school musicals. it has magic and friendship, a budding romance between two of the main characters, and many other characters who aren’t allocishet.


the black tides of heaven is written by j. y. yang, and is the first novella in the tensorate series. it is a silkpunk fantasy, about a pair of twins, mokoya and akeha, who find themselves on different sides of a revolution. it approaches gender in a way i’ve never seen in a fantasy setting before, with the main character using both they/them and he/him pronouns throughout.


check, please! is a (now traditionally published) webcomic, written and drawn by ngozi ukazu. it follows bitty, a gay vlogger and figure skater, who starts college and joins his school’s hockey team.


written by seanan mcguire, this is the first novella in the wayward children series. it explores the lives of young adults after they come back home from magical worlds, and the consequences their experiences has on their lives in the human world. this first book follows nancy, who now lives at a home for people who are back from portal worlds. nancy is asexual, and there is also a trans side character.


written by hope larson and drawn by brittney williams, goldie vance is a comic set in a romanticized 1950’s florida, and follows teen detective goldie vance. think a nancy drew style kind of thing. she lives with her dad at the resort where he is manager, and later starts dating the cool girl from the record shop.


graham’s delicacies is an adult anthology of three soft and smutty romance short stories, written by em ali, with the fictional cafe graham’s delicacies tying them all together. the first one is f/nb, the second is m/m, and the third is nb/m.


heavy vinyl, formerly known as hi-fi fight club, is a comic written by carly usdin and drawn by nina vakueva. it’s set in the 90’s, and follows chris, a teen who just got a job at a record shop and has a huge crush on her co-worker, maggie. when a famous singer goes missing, chris learns that her co-workers not only sell records, but that they also have a secret fight club.


i assume y’all already know i wish you all the best, right? it’s written by mason deaver, and follows nonbinary teen ben after they get kicked out of their parents house and goes to live with their older sister. it alternates between dealing with incredibly heavy topics, like anxiety and depression, and being one of the cutest books i’ve read has ben reluctantly befriends and falls for their classmate nathan.


written by grace ellis and drawn by shae beagle, moonstruck is just your regular slice of life comic about a barista living her life in a college town. except she’s a werewolf. and so is her girlfriend. and her best friend is a centaur. they live in a world where magical creatures live side by side with humans, but when they unwillingly get dragged into a conspiracy to change that things start going really wrong.


this one too, i can’t imagine you don’t know by now. written by c. b. lee, not your sidekick is set in a world where superheroes are a regular part of daily life. it follows bisexual teen jessica tran, as she goes through life as the only non-powered person in her immediate family. she gets an internship where she gets to work alongside her crush abby, but it turns out said internship is for the city’s most evil supervillains! what starts out as a way to bug her superhero parents, turn way more serious as she uncovers a huge secret.


once ghosted, twice shy is a companion novella to the adult romance series reluctant royals, written by alyssa cole. it tells the story of how likotsi, personal assistant of the crown prince of thesolo, first met and fell for fabiola, and how the couple got a second shot at love months (if i recall correctly?) later.


this remains one of the graphic novels i want to throw at people to read the most, more than a year after it was published. it’s written and drawn by jen wang, and follows the seamstress frances and her best friend, prince sebastian. frances makes sebastian’s clothes, wether that is the fancy suits he wears to royal engagements, or the beautiful dresses he wears as the two go out in secret at night.


reign of the fallen is a young adult fantasy, written by sarah glenn marsh. it follows one of the kingdom’s master necromancers, odessa, who makes her living bringing the rich back to life. the catch is that those brought back have to be covered from head to toe, otherwise they’ll turn into deadly monsters called shades. things start heating up as more and more shade attacks start happening, and along with her fellow necromancers odessa is smack in the middle of it. odessa is bisexual.


small town hearts, written by lillie vale, is a young adult romance, set in a small beach town during the final summer after high school. we follow babe, whose perfect summer is ruined when her friend group breaks up and her ex girlfriend comes back to town. then she meets levi, the artist who is renting her mothers house over the summer. this is one of my favourite 2019 releases so far, a prefect beach read with a bisexual protagonist.

there you have it! there are definitely so many more books that i love, and books that i’ve yet to read but can’t wait to get to. what are some of your favourite queer books?

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