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so, i don’t know what it’s like where you live, but big parts of – if not all of? – europe is currently going through a really bad heatwave. for me, in sweden, that means temperatures up to 30 degrees celsius, and that’s on the cooler side compared to most other countries. i know that 30 degrees is probably nothing to some of you, and you’re just laughing at me right now, but i am Dying. the one thing i wish i could do right now is go down to the beach and have a quiet, calm time, alternating between reading some cute books and cooling off in the water. unfortunately i don’t lead the kind of life where there’s really time for the beach, and even if i did it would not be a quiet or a calm time – not when every person living in my city and their grandma is there.

instead, i have compiled a list of eight books that i would take to the beach if i was going, in the hopes that any of you do so i can live vicariously through you. keep in mind that not all of these are really summer books (most of them i’m not even entirely sure when in the year they take place because i have the memory of a goldfish), but they all hold qualities that make them beach reads to me.

SMALL TOWN HEARTS by lillie vale

i feel like i’ve talked about this book about a million times already, but i’m going to take any chance i can to push it down y’all’s throats. small town hearts is set in a small sea town, during babe vogel’s final summer after high school before her friends go off to collage. it’s full of mouth watering food and sunny days at the beach, and i can honestly say it is the first book is think of when someone says summer.

A PRINCESS IN THEORY by alyssa cole

a princess in theory isn’t necessarily a summer book, but it is a to-die-for adult romance and i honestly think that makes it perfect for the beach, no matter when in the year it takes place. it follows the romance between naledi smith, a woman who doesn’t know she is the missing betrothed to the prince of thesolo, and thabiso, who is said prince. it’s fun and cute and steamy, and will definitely make you feel all the things.

GRAHAM’S DELICACIES by mina waheed

just like a princess in theory, graham’s delicacies technically isn’t a summer book. it is an anthology of three adult romances, all about characters centered around the cafe graham’s delicacies. all six main characters are queer, and it walks the balance of cute fluff and hot smut perfectly. reading it at the beach honestly sounds perfect, because you’ll be able to go cool down whenever you need 😏

GIRL OUT OF WATER by laura silverman

girl out of water is DEFINITELY a summer read. just like small town hearts, the summer setting is a big part of the story. it follows anise, whose summer plans change drastically after her aunt is in a car crash so she has to go help take care of her cousins. suddenly she is away from her friends, the ocean, and surfing, and instead she is stuck in a suburb in nebraska. her cousins love skating, though, and anise finds her feet in this new place as she meets lincoln at their skatepark, takes up the sport herself.

and those are four books i want y’all to read at the beach, and send me pics so i can pretend i’m the one doing it! when going through my read books to make this list i realised i really don’t know enough summer books, so please, if you have any favourites, let me know in the comments!

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