i am back again, with another marginsbox unboxing! i realise it’s been about .2 seconds since my last one, but that’s what happens when i don’t get around to writing a post until weeks later than i should have lmao

anyway. i received my second marginsbox a week ago today. let me tell you, coming home from my first day back at work after having had two weeks off, and finding the beautiful box where my mom left it in the kitchen – it made my day. you can find my post about the previous box here, which blew me away with how good it was. but let’s get to it, shall we?

i know i said this last time too, but the box itself is just so pretty! the first two things in it are two prints – one of the box’s hint, with the contents on the back, and the other one is a quote print from paperandsimple. there were also three east asian snacks, which i can’t wait to try this weekend when i get a slow moment to sit down and relax! i’m honestly hoping that i won’t love them, because i’m not sure where i’d be able to buy them in my country if i do lol

keeping with the snacks theme, the next thing is an adorable sticker set of food you can find in hong kong, made by tin yan. the two final items, not counting the book, are a k-pop enamel pin by ann sun and a pair of really fucking cool (excuse my language) sunglasses. you can bet your ass i will be wearing them every sunny day for the rest of the summer.

and finally! the book of june! last time i managed to get myself spoiled for what the featured book was, but this time i stayed away and it was a surprise when i pulled it out of the specialised bag. i want y’all to know, i almost screamed. i’ve been wanting to read somewhere only we know by maurene goo since i first heard about it on twitter months and months ago! so as of right now, marginsbox have a 100% success rate with picking books i’ve had on my wishlist forever, but never actually got around to buying. i was gonna throw in some sports reference about strikes or home runs or something, but i don’t know enough about those sports to pull that off.

just like last time, i’d highly encourage you to head over to marginsbox and check them out. buy a box, or start a subscription, if you’re able! the quality of these boxes has truly blown me away. the pick of books is so on point it’s almost scary, and all the goodies are well thought out and chosen with care. i’m not a huge book box person, but marginsbox has won me over, definitely. i’m so excited for next month, and i can’t wait to see what it brings!

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